Is This Kosher?

Take Action

Virtually all kosher chickens, cattle, and fish suffer the worst abuses of factory farming, and everyone pays the price. Help your community transition to more humane and sustainable food practices with new resources, consultation, and training.

For centuries, the question of what’s “fit” for Jewish communities has guided our daily actions and reflected our religious identities and moral values.

In a fraction of that time, industrial animal agriculture has transformed our food system and made intensive farming the norm for 99% of animals–even for animal products that certifiers label as kosher, or “fit to eat.” Jewish foods–as diverse as the community itself–are meant to help us celebrate holidays, mark important life events, nurture our bodies each day, and exemplify our values. Yet, many of the foods that embody Jewish comfort now come with uncomfortable truths.

A new norm is attainable; all that’s needed is our communal will to learn and take action. As a community, it’s time to reckon with the impacts of our food choices–on farmed animals, on people, and on the planet–and ask: is this way of farming and eating truly kosher?

Chicken soup?

More like discomfort food.

That schmear?

It’s udderly suspect.

Noshing on lox?

Something’s fishy about that.