Reflecting broadly held values — and serving food that everyone can eat — promotes inclusivity in gatherings and strengthens our Jewish community

Our goal for working with Jewish communities is to expand their ability to serve community members with diverse food preferences and needs while upholding Jewish values.

Informed by values of social equity, responsible sourcing, and environmental consciousness, younger people and People of Color are motivated to adopt more plant-forward diets. This isn’t surprising considering that today’s food system, and industrial animal agriculture in particular, contributes to myriad social, ethical, and environmental issues. Millennials, and to a notably greater extent, Gen Zers, are at the cutting edge of food justice trends, embracing more sustainable choices and demanding that institutions adopt default options that reflect their values. Communities of color, meanwhile, are the fastest growing group to adopt plant-forward and plant-based diets.

Promoting more Jewish values-aligned food practices that reduce our reliance on factory farming is a win-win for sustainable food and for welcoming Jewish community members for whom these food practices are already central to their values and identity.

All Values

In order to cultivate and grow a sustainable Jewish animal advocacy movement, we must address the issues that are critically connected to and interdependent with industrial animal agriculture. We must work in partnership with Jewish communities and justice movements to achieve positive change.

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