Racial justice

The crisis of systemic racism in America, which is endemic to our own religious institutions, demands our attention, action, and long-term commitment to building an anti-racist Jewish community

We know that the structures that perpetuate factory farming are inextricably linked with those that perpetuate racist oppression and violence. To create meaningful change in our food system we must also help to build an anti-racist animal protection movement.

White supremacy is woven into the fabric of our society, including our food system. It isn’t by chance that the majority of people working dangerous and low paid jobs on farms and in slaughterhouses are people of color. The frameworks that allow us to exploit people of color in the food system are related to those that allow us to exploit non-human animals. Food justice involves racial justice, and not until we address systemic racism will we be able to end factory farming. We are committed to ongoing learning, listening, and action to center racial justice work in our policies, procedures, and strategies.

All Values

In order to cultivate and grow a sustainable Jewish animal advocacy movement, we must address the issues that are critically connected to and interdependent with industrial animal agriculture. We must work in partnership with Jewish communities and justice movements to achieve positive change.

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